We found the home of your dreams, now let's talk business.

The contract is the legal game plan of the purchase.  On it contains everyone's information, the terms of both sides, legal rights, and deadlines. In a perfect world once the contract is accepted the hard part should be over, unfortunately that's not the case.  What was once a friendly, laughter-filled relationship with a seller can now turn into a greedy and deceptive chess game which is why you need to have the best team to support you and deflect problems that can (and often do) arise.  Using all of our findings we argue our side until we can either reach an agreement or we move on to another property that we feel will be more reasonable.  Remember- as much as you want to save money they want to keep.

Once a contract is agreed upon, New Jersey State Law requires both sides to have an attorney review (AR) the contract for 3 days unless otherwise stated.  Typically this is an opportunity for another chance at more negotiation so don't always expect it to slide forward so easily and having good legal representation is paramount. The difference of a few hundred dollars can save you few thousands (or a lot more).  Once the contract makes it out of AR, we proceed to the inspections required by your lender and yourself to ensure the property is satisfactory to purchase.


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