Inspectors are very important!

We'll help you find a good, reputable, and licensed servicer to make sure you're getting a good home as well as a precaution in case something is brought up after the fact. Expect a report to come back with many defects as a thorough inspector won't be prejudice about any property and some "hits" may require further adjustments to the contract.

At the same time there may be other entities that need to be scheduled such as a lender's appraisal and a seller's Certificate of Occupancy (CO).  If a serious defect was discovered, we'll find a good contractor to give a quote to repair it.  As you can see once others begin their share of the transaction, there's always a possibility for things were not hoping to find out but it's best to know everything as soon as possible rather than regret it later as we may have to go back to the negotiation table to fight for a more appropriate deal to close. Before we can be confident about the date, we need to verify that everything was remediated and there's no lingering issues that still need to be addressed without being agreed upon in writing. Once that's finished... let's close!


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