The final steps- the celebration!  

While yes it is a time to kick back and have a little fun, there's still a little bit of work left to do.  Throw a party and invite your neighbors and some of your friends.  As in any new neighborhood- people talk. As new residents there's some mystery to you and the last thing you want is to be outcast after everything you've planned for.  Not only are you trying to put them at-ease with your presence, you're also learning who they are.  This is an opportunity for you to learn some good area tips but also who to avoid that could cause problems, and I recommend inviting your friends over too to show that you have support of your own (plus they'd like to see your new home as well!). Make sure that any valuables are secured and the home is open and clean for easy inventory as well as some cameras placed conspicuously so your visitors know you're not a soft target should life change their ways down the road.

Now that you know everything about your property, your house, your belongings, your paperwork, your bills, your income, your neighborhood, and general set up of your daily life- now's the time to show it off to your family.  Show them what you've achieved for your branch of the tree and what you do to contribute for the entire wolf pack and invite support they may want to give you in return.  This is a great time for intra-familial issues to be put to rest and strengthen everyone as a whole to stay current and continue growing together in a positive direction!

You Won!


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