Self Assess

What is your goal?

As your agent, the more I know about you the more I can understand your situation so as your representative in the real estate jungle, I want to make sure you're getting exactly what you need. This accomplishes the mission while saving time, money, and a lot of unnecessary stress.

Here are the most common reasons why someone decides to buy or sell.  See which category/ies you fall into:

Family Needs
Whether starting as young single people, growing relationships, or helping another family member- clients may require a larger living environment to accommodate those they care about.

A home cannot withstand without proper financial support and with a constantly-changing economic market, sometimes life's costs can hike beyond income through no fault of a client.  We understand the most important thing is keeping yourself afloat for your family and can find alternatives that won't require more sacrifice than you already need.

New career or a new promotion? Congratulations! Staying in the hunt is very important and while it can be exciting to experience a new location, transferring ties from your former is something we take very seriously.

From the country to the big city, there's many options for the type of environment you'd enjoy best for your life.  We work in all 50 states to make sure we find the right fit you.

More than just a home, a property can be a great source of income whether you're a flipper, a landlord, a farmer, or a business owner.  Our teams across the country can dig into the best options and fit you with the right professionals to ensure you maximize your opportunities.

Regardless of our feelings, the law is the law. Sometimes the law can impact our beliefs and our wallets in ways we just have little choice but to consider relocating so we study market trends to find where others in your boat have searched and offer recommendations

Do you deserve that Island sunset? Do you enjoy being your expanded family's homestead for annual parties? Your property isn't just your piece of the planet- it's also a reminder of who you are and how far you've come.

Something else...
These are just the most common reasons but there can be an endless list of others.  If you have another reason, please let me know.

Next let's get you funded.

Paperwork is all part of the numbers game.

From originators to underwriters to lawyers to agents, most of real estate is a numbers game and making sure everyone stays on the tracks.  Without a solid team and complete documentations, a client be vulnerable to higher payments or lack of acceptable offers so let's get your documents ready now to ensure everyone knows you mean business.  Understandably, not everyone has perfect credit or a perfect track record, or still not yet where they want to completely be financially.  No worries- we've seen it all and there's no need to be ashamed.  The most important thing is to admit imperfections quickly so we can help the healing process and get you to where you'd like to be faster!

These are the most commonly requested documents lenders require to get an idea of how much they're able to help:

  • Previous 2 years Tax Returns
  • Previous year of employment history
  • Previous 3 months of pay check stubs
  • Previous 3 months of credit cards statements
  • Previous 3 months of loan statements
  • Previous 3 months of any investment statements
  • A copy of your ID
  • Credit Report with FICO scores
  • Statements of any other financially-impacting issue (court orders, liens, etc)
If you don't have everything, that's okay.  If you need help in obtaining something your lender should be able to best advise so let's head over to the lender's step next.


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