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How to get the money for a property

Most investors will tell you it's usually best to use someone else's money at a low rate of return and use your money for investments that bring a higher one. With interest rates still at incredibly low rates (subject to change) even cash buyers are still interested in working with banks to fund their properties. Regardless of how you pay though, be certain you can make it happen.

There are thousands of loan originators across the country that feed their families by securing loans for clients like yourself.  If they could, they would help everyone with the lowest terms however understanding their system can explain why some are better options than others.  Depending on your needs, some may not offer products that are competitive as others so it's important to shop around and inquire on what each can do for you and allow them to disclose their current offerings.  Call them and speak to a human by voice and ensure they are able to assist you. DO NOT SEND ANY SENSITIVE INFORMATION WITHOUT VERIFYING EXACTLY WHO IS RECEIVING IT!

You have a 30-day window to gather unlimited "hard hits" for an industry-specific loan to become just 1 combined inquiry on your credit report.  Due to the fragmentation of so many systems, we recommend keeping your search to 14 days and minimize the risk of a rogue inquiry that may be reported beyond a more timely expectation.  With this beings said- act fast.  Gather all of the documents we discussed in "Self Assess - Documents" and attach them with separately with clear and obvious file names to a generic email such as this (you may copy/paste and change respective wording as you'd like):


I'm working with James Adams, my Realtor who can be reached at (732) 723-8322 and, to purchase a property with my spouse Pat Jones on or about 1 January 2025. As per our phone conversation, attached are our documents to request your consideration for a pre-qualification letter with your most favorable terms:
  • Previous 2 years Tax Returns
  • Previous year of employment history
  • Previous 3 months of pay check stubs
  • Previous 3 months of credit cards statements
  • Previous 3 months of loan statements
  • Previous 3 months of any investment statements
  • A copy of our IDs
  • Credit Report with FICO scores
  • Statements of any other financially-impacting issue (court orders, liens, etc)

We can be reached at Chris: (555) 555-5555, Pat: (444) 444-4444 and Our current address is:
123 Main St.
Hometown, OH 12345

Thank you,
Chris and Pat Jones

For your convenience, here is a list of lenders that we have worked with in the past and are very happy to recommend them to future clients due to an exceptional history of previous relationships.  We do not receive compensation for these referrals, we just expect them to continue to deliver at the high standard we strive to give our clients ourselves to get the job done.  Click here to get ready to shop!

Please note that this list is intended for those eligible for the VA Home Loan Guaranty but may also assist civilian clients with other products.

·      Calliber Home Loans
o   Ryan Hammer
o   (516) 286-7434

·      Landmark Capital
o   John Santarpia
o   (201) 681-7052

·      Advisors Mortgage Group
o   Mike Murphy
o   (732) 778-7799

·      Advisors Mortgage Group
o   Michael Keating
o   (732) 241-5624

·      EquityWise
o   Dylan Rowley
o   (619) 993-1467

·      Wells Fargo Home Mortgage
o   Fred Grise
o   (732) 644-0658

·      Wells Fargo Home Mortgage
o   Sean Growney
o   (908) 884-0674

Some other VA-approved companies that have strong reputations to consider (note: the “veterans only” tag may also apply to certain civilians and their policies may change without notice. Their reputation in the veteran community is so strong that if they can accommodate you, it’s may be well worth at least finding out):

·      USAA Federal Savings Bank (veteran’s only)

·      Navy Federal Credit Union (veteran’s only)

·      Veterans United Home Loans (veteran’s only)

·      Quicken Loans

·      New American Funding


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